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August 7, 2012
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I've never been the prettiest person in school. My body isn't all that great and my skin is far from perfect. Instead of wearing pretty sparkly clothing, I wear anything and everything black. My hair is a deep midnight black. My sky blue eyes are rimmed thickly with black kohl eyeliner. Because of they way I dress, I stick out in my uptight school. I've never made any friends, and frankly I don't need any. Why take the chance of being stabbed in the back by someone you care about?

My parents barely talk to me since they were always busy with work. I may as well have lived alone. No one cared about me, so what was the point in living anymore? I was tired of having everyone, students and teachers, glare at me like I was a waste of space and their precious time.

But that was all before I met him.

He made everything I knew about the world

....and myself....

He made it all change.
This is just a little glimpse into my next fanfic: Kiss of Death.

Obviously it is a Jayy Von Monroe fanfic from the band Blood On The Dance Floor.

I'm not precisely sure when I will post the first few chapters on it, but I promise it will be soon :)
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IMSOHAPPY985610 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
In the feels! <3
IJUSTWANNAREADJAHVIE Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds pretty good :3 May I ask though, is this going to be a Jahvie fanfic? Or is it a secret?
KrazeeBunny Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No it won't be a Jahvie fanfic lolol
IJUSTWANNAREADJAHVIE Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwe okay =p
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